How To Make Basic Bread From Dough Without Yeast

How To Make Basic Bread From Dough Without Yeast



Yeast is the magic ingredient that makes bread rise into the fluffy texture you’ve become accustomed to. However what if you didn’t have any yeast – how would you make bread?

For your preparedness and ‘survival kitchen’ knowledge, you don’t necessarily need to have yeast to make edible bread. Here’s one way to do it:

Very Basic ‘Bread’ Recipe Without Yeast

(This is not a sourdough)
1. Add 3 cups of flour and 1 tablespoon of baking powder to a bowl.

2. Begin to mix while adding 1/3 cup of oil (extra virgin olive oil).

3. Continue to mix while adding 3/4 cup of warm water. Then continue to add more water a little at a time until the mixture holds together and will roll into a ball while barely sticky. If it becomes too soupy, just add a bit more flour. Etc..

(You can be creative and add pretty much anything to the dough for an enhanced bread – maybe some herbs, nuts, etc..)

4. Grease an oven-proof pan (about 8″ or thereabouts) and flatten the dough into the pan. Then flip the dough.

5. Cover tightly with aluminum foil. Bake at 375 F for 30 minutes. Then check it. You might sprinkle some salt (sea-salt) on top at this point for flavor enhancement 😉 . You might need to continue cooking for another 10 to 20 minutes – just check for a golden top, and it should spring back when touched.

Here’s a picture of the baked ‘bread’. It ‘rises’ some, but don’t expect tall fluffy bread! It’s dense, perfectly edible, and its flavor can be enhanced by adding your own ‘extras’…
Baked Bread Without Yeast
The point of the article is that bread doesn’t have to be what you’re used to getting in the grocery store (processed perfection), and you can make bread without yeast.

It will be a denser bread for sure, but entirely edible and good (for the survival kitchen). There are LOTS of recipes to do this.

In summary, to make an edible bread without yeast, all that we’re doing here is adding ingredients to hold flour into a dough so that you can cook it. Any additional ingredients are added for nutrition, texture, taste, and appearance…
You might also consider your own yeast starter and a sourdough bread recipe:



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